Sunday, August 5, 2012

20 Marion County Questions

Which Marion County city

      Was founded by a woman?

      Was named for a soft drink popular in Idaho?

      Still uses a 1892 tabernacle for religious conventions?

      Was named for the town of Engelberg in Switzerland?

      Moved to a new location?

      Is a misspelling of a founder's name?

      Was named for a son-in-law of a founder?

      Was named for a railroad engineer?

      Was established after a US Supreme Court decision resolved land ownership?

      Has its post office in another county?

      Became almost deserted during the Civil War?

     Was named, despite objection, for a woman?

     Had a popular mineral springs resort?

      Has a museum in a former church?

      Was founded as a religious colony?

      Celebrates being the "Mint Capital" of Oregon?

      Was the boyhood home of a US president?

      Provided clean water for pioneer Salem?

      Is named for a voter at the provisional government meeting at Champoeg in 1843 ?

      Has the grave site of Oregon's only authenticated Revolutionary War veteran?



     The answers are found in the following articles about these cities on this web blog.


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